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Saturdays 4 - 5:30pm (Dunstable)

Sundays 4 - 5:30pm (Eaton Bray)

All levels

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Family  discounts available 

Standard monthly membership £35

2 family members £55

3 family members £73

4 family members £90

Emergency services discount 10%

All discounts apply to regular lessons payment plans only

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Q) I'm not fit enough for this am I?

Answer - How do you expect to get fit if you dont do it!! You dont need fitness to join, this is something you will gain from joining. All you need is the will to make the first step towards achieving your goals.

Q) Am I too old ?

Answer - There is no such thing. If you are able to move your body around it is worth having a go. Try it you might like it!

Q) What age can my child start from?

Answer - Each child is different but we will consider any child who has reached 6

yrs or 5yr olds if training with an adult.

Q)  Will I have to fight?

Answer - Our style involves controlled contact from the beginning. Students will require protective pads for sparring but the emphasis is on control and children do not hit the face. Most find this an enjoyable experience and it is a crucial part of development and training. Nobody  is forced to do anything they don't want to do. 

Q) Can I get a black belt?

Answer - Black Belt is a milestone for many but it is important to concentrate on the journey. All students can work towards obtaining their next belts and the organisation runs regular gradings.