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Becca Panter

Student of the year 2018

Why did you start kickboxing?

"I have always had an interest in boxing, but it was only recently that I decided to take the leap and actually try it for myself. I had no intention of pursuing it as a sport but I found that my confidence grew with every lesson as I became stronger. I found strength that I didn’t know was growing inside me.  I help others in class. We all help each other out like a family. It brings me joy to see myself now from where I started. I've learnt so much not only from my instructor but other instructors. I’m always seeking for success and more. I also found that kickboxing was the sport for me. I have so much passion for this. This sport builds up so much confidences and respect and body control and self love. I always aspire to be the best and also I can see me doing this for a life time."


List of Achievements:

 9 medals and 4 trophies

🏆 Student of the Year Award 2019

🏆 Best Attendance Award 2019

🏆 Student of the Year Award 2018

🏆 Competitor of the Year 2nd place 2018

🥇 Champion Mk Inter Club 2018

🥇 Champion MK Open 2019

🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈 🥈6 x Silver medals

🥉🥉🥉 3 x bronze 


What do you enjoy the most in class?

"I find it quite rewarding fighting men as they under estimate me. As a 15 year old girl I like to suprise them with techniques that are not expected."


My favourite technique

"Definitely the spin and hook kick. I tend to catch people by surprise. But it needs to be quick."


What is your goal?

"I have researched a lot of the top kickboxers in Britain and believe that I have the potential and passion to be up there with the rest of them."


What would you recommend about this club?

"ECKA Eaton Bray club are committed to their students and always strive to uplift and encourage their boxers to excel in all their techniques and skills. They create an atmosphere of resilience and allow us to grow from our failures and successes."


Who is your favourite Martial Artist?

"It will have to be Valentina Shevchemko. She always suprises her opponents."

Sensei Simon's comment - 

"Becca is a worthy winner of Student of the year, she is dedicated to improving and it is a pleasure seeing her grow in confidence as a person through her Martial Arts training"

Becca Panter

Becca Panter

Kai Tyas

Kai winning double gold at Milton Keynes  Open 2019

Competitor of the Year

Kai has achieved;

🏆 Competitor of the Year 2019

🏆 Competitor of the Year 2018

🏆 Best Attendance  2018

🥇 🥇 Double Champion Mk Open 2019

🥇 Champion MK Inter club 2018

🥇 Champion MK Open 2018

🥈 🥈 🥈 3 x Silver